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You want your roof to be professionally installed by certified roofers who are fully insured. You don't want your roofing company to cut corners, do you? After all, you're protecting your greatest investment. You want to get the job done right the first time. Your home and business deserve to get a quality job from a quality company.

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Jody Thomas

"ASAP Roofing and their representative William were great to work with. William kept me informed throughout the entire process and he made sure all the work was being done correctly. I now have a new roof with new gutters and am very happy. They also did an excellent job in cleaning up after the work was done. I will definitely use them again if the need arises."

Eric Rubio

"Dudes go hard...had my roof done in 5 hours.....house next to me used someone else and took them 4 days!"

Larry Julian

"The Project Manager identified the causes of my Concrete Tile roof problems. He provided a detailed estimate. Employees were friendly, neat and proficient. They showed up as scheduled and communicated very well . Definitely heads above other East Texas contractors."

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Is it okay to overlay asphalt shingles?

Homeowners often ask the question if it is okay to lay new asphalt shingles over the old existing shingles.

This is called a shingle overlay. An overlay is where you leave the existing layer of shingles on the roof and you install a second layer of shingles directly on top of the first. Laying new shingles over old shingles can be done but is it wise to do so? We’ll let you decide for yourself.

There are some types of shingles that you can’t overlay asphalt shingles on, like wood shingles and metal roofing. But you can overlay asphalt shingles over other asphalt roofing products. You can also overlay Metal roofing products over asphalt and other roofing products because many of them are laid out on a wooden grid.

Why do some homeowners choose to have a roof overlay? The main reason is cost.

An overlay saves you the cost of tearing off the old shingles and having them disposed of, but it can cost a lot more money to do the roof again because an overlay decreases its life expectancy.

An overlay is less expensive. It saves you the cost of tear-off, felt, and a dump fee. And it can look as good as a full tear-off and replacement installation, and because you don’t have tear off the old shingles it can save you time. It can give your roof an extra layer of protection for future storms that may arise. It may also serve as an extra layer of insulation for heating and air conditioning purposes.

Does it affect your warranty? It should not affect the labor warranty that your roofing contractor provides between his company and the homeowner. And the manufacturer’s warranty will still be for the same amount of time as for the tear-off and replacement.

There are far less overlays today than in the past. One of the main reasons for that is, the overlay doesn’t allow you to inspect the condition of the roof’s decking underneath the first layer of shingles. On a tear-off the decking can easily be inspected to see if it is in bad condition. It can be checked for water damage, insect damage, rot, and decay. Another negative for overlays is the extra weight it places on the roof’s structure. The extra weight can cause the decking to sag between rafters.

City codes are becoming more stringent lately and many cities won’t allow for an overlay or may only allow up to two layers of shingles to be installed on your home. This may be especially true in areas that have extreme weather conditions with heavy snow. Heavy snow build-up could cause the collapse of the roof’s structure. On the resale of a home an overlay may cause a home inspector to become suspect of why there may be more than one layer of shingles and flag the potential buyer of the overlay that there may be problems.

And of course, always check the manufacturer’s requirements to make sure an overlay doesn’t affect their warranty. If you don't have a warranty, it's hard to want to do an overlay.

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