Metal Roofs on Mobile Homes

The question is asked a lot if metal roofs can be installed on mobile homes.

Many mobile home owners get tired of have to deal with their roofs leaking. You can spend a lot of time having to get on your mobile home sealing the leaks time after time only to find the sealant gets hard and cracks and then leaks again. Over a period of time those leaks cause the framing on the roof of the trailer to rot and even disintegrate and fall apart. Whether you have a mobile home, a double-wide mobile home, or a manufactured home you can put a stop to the madness and have a metal roof installed on your mobile home.

Installing a metal roof on your mobile home will not only save you the pain and expense of costly repairs, but will also enhance the beauty of your home. Metal roofing comes in an array of styles and colors that will fit your décor. Another reason is when it comes time to sell your mobile home it becomes more appealing to buyers in the mobile home market. Installing a metal roof can actually increase the value of your mobile home. And that’s music to anyone’s ear.

Also, installing a metal roof on your mobile home is not an easy job, but if you’re the adventurous type of DIY home projects then you can install a metal roof on your mobile home yourself. Videos are available online so that even a first time Do-It-Yourselfer may want to attempt the project. Metal roofing is lightweight and easy to work with.

The benefits of putting a metal roof on your mobile home are many. As we’ve already covered, metal roofs put a stop to constant water leak repairs and repair bills, and they increase the value of your home. They also withstand the elements of severe storms very well. Though no roofing material is completely exempt from experiencing extreme storm damage, metal roofs are strong and durable and perform well in high winds, heavy rains, and hail. Some metal roofing material can be purchased that are impact-resistant and are won’t corrode or crack.  Metal roofs are excellent for geographical areas where there may be fire hazards.

The advantages to installing a metal roof on your mobile home are enticing to say the least. Metal roofs also save you money on your energy bills. You can reduce your cooling costs by 10-25% because metal roofing reflects solar radiant heat. And on top of all of this… metal roofs are a green material that can be 100% recycled.

Yes, a metal roof can be installed on a mobile home. In fact, putting a metal roof on your mobile home may be the last roof you ever put on your home.